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Tales of hope

Over the vastness of the elds and across one checkpoint after the other, they rise, before the crack of dawn, to earn - with their strong and beautiful bodies - their living and their dignity.

Every day is a story by itself for these working Palestinian women. Behind each story is a face proudly smiling to overcome another oppression or another exploitation, be it political, social or economic.

These are the women working against a thousand daunting obstacles; the language barriers, the long commute, the “security” checkpoints, the absence of transportation, the tri ing wages, the extended working hours and the rip-off of basic social rights.

The photographs attempt to narrate diverse experiences of working women who are uni ed by their strong feminist solidarity; re ecting their different geographies and diverse security, political and socio-economic realities. These photos tell stories of Palestinian working women who are torn between the labor market and self-accomplishment, and document the moments in which their humanity clashes with the cruelty of their environment.

Uncommonly, these photos do not utilize the women's working environment for a background, nor do they attempt to convince the viewer of the harshness of these women's working conditions. Rather, they are dedicated to each of these women to tell their tale of hope in the form and space of their choice.

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