Mohamed Badarne  محمد بدارنه


Mohamed Badarne is a photographer, trainer, and

activist. Born in the Palestinian village of Arraba in

the Galilee, he got involved in social activism as a

teenager. He volunteered in refugee camps and built a

human rights movement for Palestinian youths. Until

2012, he earned his living as a high-school teacher

and NGO worker.

Since then – after graduating in Professional

Photography – he has dedicated his career to

photography and teaching photography. Mohamed

leads workshops in cooperation with NGOs,

community centers, and independent groups. For

his own photographic work he received grants

from renowned art foundations, and his projects

“Come Back Safely” and “Unrecognized Games” were

exhibited in such diverse venues as Darat al Funun

Art Gallery in Amman, the Fusion Festival, the

European Center for Constitutional Rights (ECCHR)

in Berlin, the International Labour Organization (ILO)

in Geneva and the UN Headquarters in New York.

His work is included in the collections of the Khalid

Shuman Foundation as well as of the ILO and private

art collectors. As a curator, he was responsible for

“People of the Sea,” the opening exhibition of Qalandia

International art festival in 2016.